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ITz Ju$T Muzik

Established by Julius Reed (Blk Juew) in 2014. ItzJu$tMuzik Records main goal is releasing
the best music, vibe, and rocking the stage for all people of races. ItzJu$tMuzik Records have
the best young core in the music game. Every artist challenges each other to be the best MC they
can possibly be. ItzJu$tMuzik is not only a record label but it is family. ItzJu$tMuzik Records
believe they are the most slept on artist/label in the industry and are dying to prove each and
every spectator wrong. K. Stone with the lyrical content to Lil Fien with the emotional strong
street content the music speaks volumes! Polo brings the charism while Prynce Lupe shows he
can deliver bar after bar! Having People like Bandana on the team brings wisdom and
construction to the label. We are a strong Hip-Hop Label which look forward sharing music and
performing for each and every one of our fans!

CEO Julius "Blk Juew" Reed

Founder of ItzJustMuzik Records, Julius Reed (aka Blk Juew) was born in Gary, Indiana on
August 30, 1981. Trying to escape the mean streets of Gary, Indiana, fighting through diversity,
drug temptation, and gang affiliation, Blk Juew in 1999 was charged with gun possession and
recklessness endangerment while standing in Ivan Hoe projects. After only a few days in jail,
Blk Juew realized he needed change.
In August 1999, Blk Juew convinced Gary City Courts to drop the gun possession and
recklessness endangerment charge. In exchange, Blk Juew agreed to join the USAF (United
States Air Force) in December 1999 Blk Juew enlisted. Juew served in the military for 11 years
before being honorably discharged. His love for music came while he was deployed to Iraq,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kuwait. He stayed up countless hours staring at the stars in the desert
while listening to different genres of music. In 2011, after his release from the Air Force, Juew
experienced deep depression and anxiety. He was soon diagnosed with Post Traumatic System
Disorder. After taking multiple medications and participating in group therapy sessions, he found
music was better therapy than drugs. Blk Juew began freestyling, creating choruses, writing
songs, and putting a team together.
His first project was with Trap Boyz, featuring Young Dro from Hustle Gang. The single didn't
make soundwaves like Blk Juew anticipated. Soon Juew decided that he wanted to build his own
brand from the ground up. Juew grabbed local artists, K.Stone, Lil Fien, Polo, and Prynce Lupe.
K. Stone took the crew and created SneakMobb. SneakMobb dropped their first mixtape

“Campaign” on 7 November 2017, created a crazy buzz for their first mixtape. ItzJustMuzik
Records CEO Blk Juew has vowed to take this record company to the top of the charts. His goals
is to create beautiful music while hoping one day to build upon the Urban areas in the world so
children will not have to go through so much adversity and poverty.

founded in 2014, ItzJu$tMuzik Records has grown into the most slept on but well developed
creative music company in the world. ItzJu$tMuzik Records has some of the best artists, song
writers, and musicians on its team.

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